If you’re either thinking of getting your first business website, or of refreshing your existing site, then WordPress is the ideal platform. There are two key elements to web design: what your site looks like and how it functions.

You cannot accomplish one at the expense of the other – if you have an attractive looking site that’s difficult to use then it won’t help convert visitors into prospects; and if your site is fully functional but its design doesn?t work in attracting visitors in the first place, then you’re not going to get off the starting block.


Control Your Content in WordPress

If you want your site to promote your business and your brand, then it has to be dynamic. This is more than just how it looks; it has to reach out and grab the attention of visitors and, importantly, stay fresh and interesting.

WordPress is the ideal platform for creating a dynamic website because it allows you to easily organise all the different strands of your web content, whether these are blogs, landing pages, videos or other elements.

Because WordPress is geared to letting you use your website as a blog, it provides the ideal means for you to keep your content fresh and intriguing.

Remember, your website isn’t for you, it’s for your customers – use it to attract them, connect with them and gain their trust.

WordPress is easy to use, as a self-contained system without the need of any additional HTML editing software, so you can stay firmly in the driver’s seat, controlling all aspects of your website.


Getting Your Site Noticed

WordPress employs a very clean and simple code, which means when it comes to reading and indexing WordPress websites, search engines find this easy. Alongside this inbuilt optimisation, you can also access various plugins to help you monitor and track your site’s SEO (search engine optimisation).

As a continually improving system, WordPress automatically notifies you of updates, ensuring the safety, security and functionality of your site is always up to date.

In terms of design and functionality, you can customise your chosen WordPress theme, or even change the design of your site by choosing a new theme. And you can expand your website’s functionality by loading different plugins.

These include things like galleries for displaying images, contact forms for visitors, animation, live chat and ecommerce functions.

WordPress is popular and widely used by designers and web builders – so if you do have issues with your site, there are numerous online communities ready to offer friendly, useful advice.

There are over 70 million WordPress sites worldwide, and choosing this platform enables you to stand out while safe in the knowledge that you?re taking a tried and tested route to online business visibility.

Reform Creative is a Manchester-based creative design agency. We know WordPress can work wonders and we want to be able to help you reap the benefits. We run one-to-one WordPress training courses to get your business website up and running. Check out what the course covers by clicking here or contact us today.

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