It is difficult to deny the huge developments in technology over the last few years; these days we spend much of our daily lives online. So, as follows, it is really important that your business has an online presence ? but what does online presence mean? Unfortunately, nowadays it is no longer enough to create a website that only contains your address and contact details ? you really need to ensure that your business has a strong online presence, consisting of, at the very least, a welcoming and informative website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. As a marketing company in Manchester with many years? of experience, we have found that even if a business does not conduct business online, its customers still expect it to have an online presence. If you are still not convinced, think about the death of the phone book! With the rise in use of mobiles and tablets, more and more people are searching for information about businesses online rather than using a phone book. If you ignore the highly important marketing platform that is the internet, you may as well just say ?We don?t want any new business!?

As a digital marketing agency in Manchester, the services that we offer at Reform Creative, can help you to develop a strong online presence for your business which will bring the following important benefits to your company:

A Larger Customer Audience
As stated above, if a customer wants to find out more information about a company and what service it offers they are most likely to research that company online. Therefore, it doesn?t matter whether they are specifically looking for your company or if they are just looking for the products or services that your company offers ? if you have a robust online presence this will give you an edge over your competitors. Potential customers will not put a lot of effort into finding you, let?s be honest, and so Reform Creative work hard to make sure they don?t have too. Using proven digital marketing techniques, such as SEO and Social Media Marketing, we can help to give your business an online showroom that is available 24 hours a day to customers all over the world.


A Showcase for Your Products and Services
Today, the internet is the most effective and efficient way for a business to showcase its products and services. Whether it be a Facebook Photo Album filled with pictures of your new products or a testimonial page on your website, it has never been quicker or simpler to show the world exactly what it is that your business can offer them. Reform Creative can help you to ensure that all of your online communication is an exact representation of your brand. The beauty of the internet is that it means your brand is available to customers all over the world at any time of the day or night ? it is not restricted to normal business hours. Having an online presence means that your business is open to new customers all the time.

Better Relationship Building
Corporate identity and brand building boils down to earning a potential customer?s trust in your company, products and services. As a Corporate Identity Company in Manchester, Reform are used to using various digital marketing techniques to help to give your brand a voice, making it more human and therefore relatable. Your website, for example, is a way of not only allowing customers to access your products or services easily, but it also allows them to browse any online reviews you share, your interactions with other customers, and the quality and value of the information you are sharing in your blog posts. Using social media as a marketing technique not only allows customers to interact with your brand on a more personal level, but also gives you the opportunity to build a rapport with your customers.

In summary, websites and social media platforms are excellent tools for you to use to market your company, and Reform Creative are perfectly positioned to help you with that. For more information about the corporate branding, website, and digital marketing services we offer please call us on 0161 236 0054 or email at


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