As a Digital Agency in Manchester, Reform Creative knows how important blogging is for business and for SEO – but do you? Blogging can be shown to be one of the most valuable tools that businesses have, enabling them to easily engage with customers. Need more persuasion? Then here are our top reasons why every single business – large or small – should have a blog:

  • A blog is the easiest, simplest way to share information with, and connect with your customers. A blog is a direct communication channel from your business to them.
  • Blogs fuel your SEO All the search engines love fresh, engaging, regular content and so will reward you for blogging well.
  • A recent HubSpot survey found that on average 60% of businesses who blogged acquired more customers than those who didn’t.
  • Your blog will become the fuel for all your content marketing efforts – you can use your blog to fuel Facebook posts, twitter updates, LinkedIn pulse articles, email newsletters, etc.
  • Blogs give your company a voice. A blog is the place you can talk about new products, new services, comment on market trends or relevant news articles, and also a place you can share about your company’s background.
  • A blog helps you to show people what your company is about, and where your company?s personality will shine through.
  • A blog will help you position your company as a market leader by showing that you are an expert in your company’s subject area by the way you share your expertise.
  • A blog is a great communication tool to ensure you are having a two-way conversation with existing customers, prospective customers and even peers within your industry. Just make sure you keep track of all comments that are made, and respond to them.
  • Blogging can keep you engaged in your industry. Sitting down with a blank page in front of you forces you to think about your company, your industry and your customers, and how best to communicate with them.


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  • Having a blog will keep you focussed on your content marketing strategy, as you will need to create a content schedule in order to deliver engaging content with a purpose.
  • Blogging can create free PR for your company. Many journalists will interview business bloggers when they are looking for industry experts.
  • Blogging will build confidence amongst your customers, leading them to believe you are a reliable source of information, and therefore bringing them to you to buy again and again.
  • Blogging will sharpen the focus of your business too, as you should define why you are blogging and whom you are blogging for before you start. If you do not focus your blog, you will not attract readers.
  • Having a company blog will encourage you to be the best in the business. In order to be a successful business blogger you need to be up-to-date on the trends and news in your industry, and this can only lead to your knowledge expanding as well as your business.
  • Blogs help to give you some insight into your audience. You can track click-throughs, shares, comments and popular comments.


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