Traditionally it has always been thought that the flow of marketing talent has headed from The North (Manchester) to the South (London) but is this really the case? As a creative agency that was born and bred in Manchester we firmly believe that we are based in one of the most exciting and creative cities in the world. And on top of this, hasn’t the advent of the digital age and the vast increase in the use of the internet, made geography practically irrelevant? Ok, maybe that is a bit strong, Geography is of course still very important, but the internet does serve us well in that it not only allows us to cater for local businesses better, but we can also cater for global businesses too.

But what is it about our home city of Manchester that really makes it desirable for creative agencies to set up home here? Well, we think it boils down to four things: Attitude, Infrastructure, Lifestyle and Talent.

Everyone knows that Mancunians are world famous for their attitude – and not always for the right reasons! But we are not talking Noel Gallagher attitude here, but rather the amazing work ethic Mancunians have. We put it down to our “Cottonopolis” past, giving us a “can do” state of mind that is inbuilt in everyone born here, that gives us Northerners a competitive edge over everyone else.? Just look at Sir John Alcock, Sir Humphrey Chetham, Benjamin Heywood and Baron Lever.

Manchester is a truly international city, with amazing road, rail and air networks connecting us with not only the rest of the country but the whole of the World. The advent of the internet, and the way it has been adopted in the North means that Manchester is home to a large and thriving community of digital industries, and we have the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively and efficiently with everyone – no matter where they are based.


We are not known as the Party City for nothing! We Mancunians know how to let our hair down with the best of them! But we also have an extreme liking for and knowledge of culture. Music, Art, Theatre, and Cuisine – the best of all of these areas can be found in Manchester and there is something to suit everyone. Manchester is also less than 30 minutes away from the Pennines and 90 minutes from the Peak District, so if the city air gets too much for you, you can be in the country before you know it. The best of both worlds – and very inspiring.

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Of course, everyone is going to claim that their city has talent, so what makes Mancunian talent any different? Well, we have World class educational facilities in Manchester and we are not afraid to use them. Students come from all over the world to study in our Universities, and the digital and marketing courses we offer are amongst some of the best in the country. We also have a thriving digital and creative sector here, with many creative agencies helping to drive the economic fortunes of the city, which has seen an influx of other creative industries such as film and TV companies. One must also take into consideration that the cost of living in Manchester is much lower than that in London, meaning that many creative people are choosing to stay here and enjoy the variety of housing options on offer.

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