As a Graphic Design Agency in Manchester, Reform Creative are well used to hearing the adage that “consistency is the hallmark of quality.” Many businesses believe that consistency in web page layouts, content and lettering reinforces their brand and should be an important consideration. As a branding company in Manchester, we see a lot of companies going to great efforts to ensure brand consistency – spending time and money on brand guides, so that everyone within the business is aware of the rules of the businesses brands and the exact way things should be. For example, most brand guides contain information, such as exact brand colours, brand typeface, maximum number of words a link should contain etc. Many brands cling to this brand consistency control as their branding and logo design company has told them it is the most important thing to do.

However, the rise in the popularity of responsive web design and personalisation in marketing has caused a bit of a change within the graphic design community, with many designers now feeling more comfortable at the thought of relinquishing the control of design assets. Whereas, in the past, many graphic design agencies have insisted on a precise relationship between layout and type, now they have to accept that things won’t look the same on all devices so as long as the feeling is the same this should be acceptable.

This theory is backed up by some interesting research that was completed by The Verge website recently. They found that when they asked a group of students to draw Apple’s logo, many of them were unable to do so correctly. This may come as a surprise as Apple’s products are so popular, but it actually goes to show that sometimes saturation isn’t the best thing. Sometimes, the more we see something, the less likely we are to remember it. Therefore, some scientists believe that our brains are wired to focus on new experiences, and we rely on our memory for repetition. This would mean that we may be born programmed to tune out a brand that we experience repeatedly, which in turn could mean that consistency could actually damage a brand’s reputation rather than enhance it.

So, it should come as no surprise that flexible design solutions that originated in the digital world, are now beginning to influence design in the print and branding world. Many companies are starting to introduce variety in their branding strategy, in association with their graphic design agency in Manchester, in order to be noticed within the over-crowded marketplace.

So what does this mean for you as a business? Well, it means that your graphic design agency will help you to embrace a more adaptive and responsive approach to your business branding, rather than insisting that your designs look the same across all devices. This ultimately will lead to more brand engagement and maximum brand recognition.

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