As a branding company in Manchester, we know that there are many things that companies do, (mostly unwittingly) which can put their brand at risk. Drawing on our experience, we have pulled together a list of some of the top threats to brands and ideas for how to counteract them.

This is essential in the world of branding; years of working to build trust with your customers can be undone in minutes with an ill-timed tweet. Trust is all about behaviour, and the sort of behaviour that consumers find unacceptable usually covers such things as misleading messages and ethical issues. Brands need to be open and honest, and if there are things happening within your business that you think your customers will be unhappy with, the best thing to do is to tackle these issues quickly before your customers tackle you!

Brands have to compete on a daily basis with thousands of other brands all vying for the same customer attention. The only way to succeed at this is to be interesting and engaging. Just having a social media account is not going to bring people flocking to your website. You need to be social and talk about things that are going to appeal to your target customer.

Trying to be engaging can lead you down another path which can damage your brand ? this is when you try to be all things to all people. Don’t just talk about everything that is in the news wily nilly in the vain hope that people will follow you. Have a good idea of what your brand stands for, and focus on the conversation points that tie in with that.

Not having a clear strategy is an easy way to damage your brand. Unless you know what you bring to the market and how you want to impact the world, you will end up chasing things that your customer just doesn’t care about. Sit down with your team and ask yourselves the following questions: what do our customers want in the world? What do our customers want from us? What do we want from our customers? What do we want for ourselves? Then, sit down and carefully go through the answers to try and figure out a comprehensive strategy.

Sticking to designs and ideas that have worked for you in the past can be harmful to your brand, as society may have moved on and the ideas that worked six months ago may not work now. Many sectors of the market today are impacted by technology, and this can have a fast-moving and far-reaching effect on everything you do. On a daily basis, you need to be asking yourself what sector you are in, in order to fine-tune your brand and ensure that you carry on giving the customer what they want.

As a branding company in Manchester staffed by graphic designers, leaflet designers, logo designers and so on, we know that there is an enormous pressure for people in marketing to spend their budget wisely. The rise in the use of social media, SEO and video has left us with a multitude of tools to invest in, but is the newest shiniest technology always the most effective? Many brands are at risk of throwing money at things such as ‘content?, but this can be really detrimental to you if you don’t know what you are doing. Take a minute to think about what you need to spend money on to make your brand relevant to the people who matter.

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