Most of us lead busy lives and socially staying in touch with people is hard, so how much harder is it keeping the ball rolling when it?s your business prospects you should be looking after? Much as you have to attract and engage in the first place, there is also an art to keeping your prospects interested, and holding on to them.

Sharing Works
Just as good content marketing is the art of getting people?s attention without selling directly to them, so reminding them of your presence should be undertaken with a degree of subtlety. One good way is sharing relevant content such as blogs and articles. This works to keep your presence live without sounding desperate for attention, especially if it looks like you?re simply being altruistic by sharing something of relevance with your prospect.

The good news here is that it doesn?t all have to be your original own content ? providing it?s relevant you can select third party content and share that. But do make sure you?ve vetted it first, particularly to ensure its suitably authoritative and informative.

You should also consider sharing your news, providing it will enhance your reputation and, again, it has some relevant to your target prospects. So if you?ve won an award for the kind of work you could also be undertaking for your prospect, then this is good; but announcing a major contract with a direct rival business to that of your prospect is likely to be counter-productive.

If you?re introducing a new service, or product, then this also is newsworthy and shareable. If you?ve got sufficient content, consider creating a regular newsletter you can send out to your mailing list.

The Next Level of Expertise
The content you use to keep in touch can be shaped and developed so that you encourage your prospects to take a deeper interest in your business and what you can offer them.

One way is to produce case studies and third party evidence, clearly demonstrating the services you offer and the kind of positive outcomes you can achieve for your customers. You may want to include some of these in a whitepaper report, bolstering a more in-depth, issue-led approach to marketing your experience.

Find the kind of issues that interest and concern the audience you want to develop and cultivate as prospects. This is not a sales exercise, it?s wholly about engagement.

The key here is to be strategic ? use specific landing pages to drive your audience to your downloadable whitepaper content, and ask people to register their email addresses in order to obtain the content.

You are looking to be persuasive but not pushy, and to attract and engage by creating a trail of interesting content for your prospects to follow.

Finally, don?t forget the management side. Whatever activity you choose to conduct, or have others conduct for you, it needs to be regular and scheduled. Success comes from maintaining momentum.

Reform Creative is a Manchester-based Design Agency. We have prospects of our own so we understand what needs to be done to keep an audience interested. We?re image-makers, brand developers and storytellers, so why not use us to help you stay in touch with your prospects?

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