Reform has ?been lucky enough to have two pieces?of ?work showcased?in this publication.?Hopefully?they will inspire others.?The published title is ?Graphic Design | 03 | Idea Generation?

AVA Academia?s Basics Graphic design titles are designed to provide visual arts students with a theoretical and practical exploration of each of the fundamental topics with the discipline of graphic design. Packed with examples from professionals and fully illustrated with inspiring imagery.

?Idea Generation? considers the approaches, theories and strategies that can help hone and develop creative thinking skills. The inspiring examples from leading designers may?contribute towards your thought process and ?generate?innovative, effective and relevant ideas for?a brief.


Reform?s included work? was for clients: Bankhall and EUCLID.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace often involves changing perspectives, style and even scale. Creative director Paul Heaton explains the thought process behind this example: ?This print piece was produced to promote a website that offered arts and culture videos. The idea was to create an oversized, retro cinema ticket. The ticket was printed in two colours at A4 (8.2″ x 11.7″) size on an uncoated, authentic stock and then die-cut to shape. We produced 20,000 and distributed them to a wide audience.


This Subbuteo-inspired direct mail campaign was designed to generate leads for Bankhall (the UK?s largest provider of support services to financial advisers). The materials chosen created an authentic-feeling product, with the figure tray? lined with felt. The box also contained a leaflet outlining the benefits of becoming a Bankhall member. A final humorous twist was delivered in the form of red and yellow cards, as Paul Heaton explains: ?Two weeks after the box was sent out, if a meeting had not been booked, a yellow card was sent out, followed by a red card, as an extension of the football theme.?

“The target audience was predominantly males in their 50s. We felt the Subbuteo figure would be well received, memorable and bring a feeling of nostalgia”.


We are so proud, but the main thing is that our clients are equally as proud.

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