The University of Derby. Research in the faculty of Arts, Design and Technology Publication

The purpose of publication was to:

Raise awareness of the research being carried out in the Faculty including: fine art, photography, crafts, mechanical engineering, built environment, audio subjects, and the humanities.

Highlight the fact that in the last Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) the Faculty scored well in two units of assessment out of four submitted over the whole University.

Attract high quality researchers to work in collaboration with Derby University

Inform prospective postgraduate students of the potential supervisors and areas of research that the University are able to support

Reform’s creative solution was to produce a hardback folder made from 2000 micron greyboard and utilised book binding cloth down the spine. The title was clear foil blocked with the university logo embossed on the reverse. The pages insides were constructed from three types of stock of three different sizes. Typography for internal headlines was individually hand written along with some technical drawings.

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