Trans Radio UK Website Design and Build

Trans Radio UK is the only trans radio in the UK, supporting the trans community with a diverse soundtrack of hits and different genres provided by a team of dedicated DJs.

The task for Reform Creative was to come up with an intuitive, functional website that reflected the positive ethos of Trans Radio UK, which was also very user-friendly, including an integrated online radio player and an interactive chat page.

Taking Trans Radio UK’s integrated blue-pink logo scheme as a launch pad, Reform has come up with a bold but welcoming website design, using blocks of pink and blue and a visually striking, vintage radio as one of its main images.

Symbolically, Reform Creative’s design uses pink and blue as complementary rather than opposing colours, while giving a vivid dimension to the website.

The site navigation is simple, with the different pages highlighted on a horizontal black panel running across the top of the page, which is also where the Trans Radio UK logo sits.

The overall impression is of a site that presents itself with absolute confidence but at the same time does not overburden the visitor with too much visual information.

It is playful without obscuring the supportive intent at the heart of this unique radio brand.

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