Nine Acts of Reciprocity – Publication Design

Nine Acts of Reciprocity is the second in a line of publications for artist Qasim Riza Shaheen.

The first publication Reform produced for Qasim, ‘Khusra: Stains and Stencils’ proved to be a huge success in raising awareness and promoting the artist.

It would be an understatement to describe Qasim Riza Shaheen’s work as challenging. Nine Acts of Reciprocity will undoubtedly raise questions that some will find unfamiliar and even uncomfortable. While working with the artist it has become increasingly clear that his work is never gratuitously controversial or confrontational. Though he frequently touches on a number of sensitive social issues Shaheen doesn’t regard himself as primarily an issue-based artist.

This first edition, printed using three different papers throughout to change texture relevant to the content. The print was limited to 750 copies: 250 copies are hardbound in Flockage of which 10 contain an original print; 500 copies are paperbound in Curious Touch Soft Milk. 50 of these is stamped by the Artist.

Shaheen said of Reform,
“My first publication that Reform designed was a wonderfully outstanding piece of print. Every page was carefully considered with a real commitment to detail. Reform is receptive to my artistic practice and we had a mutual understanding of what was to be conveyed. This is why I had no hesitation in returning to Reform for my second publication and indeed will for future design work. We have, yet again, produced a beautiful vessel in which to hold my work.”

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