National Media Museum. Exhibition

Reform designed the branding and exhibition space for the Robbie Cooper exhibition, Immersion.

The work of photographer and video artist Robbie Cooper explores the issues surrounding the increasing amount of contemporary media immersion many people experience on a daily basis. From children playing videogames, to young adults absorbed in horror movies, to people living out second lives through online virtual worlds.

The exhibition was split between two areas, Immersion and Alter Ego. Alter Ego explores the phenomenon of the avatar, the digital characters that virtual world gamers create. Photographic portraits of gamers are paired with their avatars, graphically dramatizing the gap between fantasy and reality.

Part of the brief was to create an interested interactive feedback area. Reform produced a wall of coloured, square, post-it notes which represented the pixel. This proved to be very popular with visitors.

Lucy Davison, exhibitions organiser comments, “I just wanted to let you know how pleased we all are with the post-it note feedback wall in the Robbie Cooper exhibition. Its quick and simple for visitors to use so a very high proportion interact with it; its easy to manage so the staff are happy too! Definitely a system that we’ll be looking to re-use in the future.”

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