Leeway Productions – Leaflet Design

This was a project to create a flyer design that speaks directly to the target audience of young people into musical theatre and performance aged 14-25. With this design, we wanted to capture the energy and excitement of live performance while maintaining the Leeway production brand values.

To accomplish this, we focused on using contemporary typography and the brand colours to draw attention to the flyer. I also incorporated an illustration of young people performing, as well as a graphic element that suggests movement and motion, to further convey the energy and excitement of performance.

Overall, the goal with this design was to create a flyer that is not only visually appealing but also highly effective in reaching the target audience and driving attendance to the programme. By capturing the energy and excitement of live performance, while maintaining the Leeway production brand values, we are confident that this design will resonate with young people who are passionate about musical theatre and performance.

The format was 2 page A5 with English on one side and a Welsh translation on the other.

Academy Leeway leaflet English
Academy Leeway leaflet Welsh

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