Grupo Lokito Summer Season Tour: A Vibrant Fusion of Congolese and Cuban Rhythms

Client: Grupo Lokito, funded by The Arts Council England
Creative: Paul Heaton
Marketing Expert: Sue Fletcher

Paul is an absolute whizz at design across print and digital. Because he has a great understanding of marketing – and gets the needs of the clients – he always delivers and meets a project’s objectives. He listens at the briefing and feedback stage. He’s a joy to work with, and he’s my go-to designer. I’d recommend Paul for any design projects in the commercial, charity, and arts’ sectors. Paul just gets it.

Sue Fletcher

Project Overview

Reform Creative had the pleasure of designing and executing the complete suite of marketing materials for Grupo Lokito’s much-anticipated Summer Season Tour. This vibrant ensemble, known for their electrifying fusion of Congolese and Cuban music, is set to captivate audiences across the UK from May to September 2024.

About Grupo Lokito

Grupo Lokito is a dazzling mix of Congolese and Cuban musical traditions, creating an irresistible blend that is both melodious and rhythmic. Frontmen Eugene Makuta and Iddo Donnatell lead with their enchanting Congolese vocals, perfectly complemented by the soaring guitar work of Shama Shah, a rising star from Kenya, and Congolese legend Ladi Mbala. The ensemble’s sound is further enriched by the lilting keyboards of Latin piano virtuoso Sara McGuinness and the rhythmic powerhouse comprising Ernesto Marichales on drums, Emeris Solis on congas, and Jimmy Martinez on bass.

Since their formation in 2006, Grupo Lokito has built a robust following, thanks to their dynamic performances and the strong connection they establish with their audiences. Their tours are not just concerts; they’re celebrations that get everyone dancing.

Our Contribution

Reform Creative crafted a cohesive visual identity and a comprehensive set of marketing materials to amplify the tour’s presence. The assets included:

  • Two eye-catching A3 posters
  • Two vibrant A5 flyers
  • Engaging social media tiles
  • A dynamic social media reel

Additionally, we developed a sleek, user-friendly website to serve as the band’s digital hub. Check out the website here:

Visual Concept

The visual concept for the tour reflects the vibrant energy and cultural fusion of Grupo Lokito’s music. Bold colors, dynamic typography, and culturally inspired graphics were employed to capture the essence of their sound and the excitement of their performances.


Working with Grupo Lokito and Sue Fletcher was a thrilling experience for Reform Creative. We are proud to have contributed to the promotion of such a unique and captivating musical journey. Join Grupo Lokito on their Summer Season Tour and experience the magic of their Congolese-Cuban fusion live.

For more information and updates, visit their new website:


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