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Client: Global Grooves

Creative and Social Media Marketing: Paul Heaton


Global Grooves embarked on an innovative journey to launch a pilot programme dedicated to nurturing young talent in the arts. This creative course, focused on skills essential for diverse careers in the arts sector, offers a unique opportunity for 16–18-year-olds around Oldham who might not resonate with traditional educational pathways. With expert tutors, inspiring guest speakers, and collaborative partner organisations, the programme promises an enriching experience.

Reform was tasked with crafting a brand visual identity that speaks directly to young adults, steering clear of the authoritative tone often associated with local councils. Our aim was to avoid the mundane job centre or recruitment aesthetics, and instead, infuse the identity with a distinctive, edgy appeal to make it truly stand out.


  • Youth-Centric Approach: The primary objective was to create a brand that appeals directly to 16–18-year-olds, a demographic that often feels disconnected from traditional educational and career guidance channels. By designing a visual identity that is vibrant, contemporary, and engaging, we aimed to bridge this gap and attract their interest.
  • Breaking Stereotypes: Traditional visual cues associated with job centres and recruitment drives often carry a formal and sometimes daunting connotation. We wanted to break away from these stereotypes by developing an identity that feels fresh, approachable, and inspiring. This approach ensures that the programme feels inviting rather than imposing, encouraging more young people to participate.
  • Edgy and Distinctive: To ensure the programme stands out, we incorporated edgy design elements that reflect the creativity and dynamism of the arts sector. Bold colours, typography, and striking graphics were chosen to create a sense of excitement and innovation. This not only captures attention but also aligns with the aspirational goals of the target audience.
  • Consistency Across Platforms: With deliverables including a logo design, visual identity guidelines, A5 flyer, A3 poster, social media graphics pack, and an email banner, it was crucial to maintain a consistent visual language across all mediums. This consistency helps in building a strong, recognisable brand that can easily be identified by the audience.
  • Engagement and Inclusivity: The visual identity was designed to be inclusive, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the young people in Oldham. By using inclusive imagery and relatable language, we aimed to create a sense of belonging and community among the participants.


  • Logo Design: A fresh, modern logo that embodies creativity and innovation. It serves as the cornerstone of the brand identity, ensuring instant recognition and association with the programme.
  • Visual Identity Guidelines: A comprehensive guide to maintain brand consistency across all platforms. This document ensures that every piece of communication adheres to the brand’s visual and tonal standards.
  • A5 Flyer: A captivating flyer to grab attention and spark interest. Designed for easy distribution, it provides essential information about the programme in a concise and appealing format.
  • A3 Poster: An eye-catching poster designed to make a bold statement. Placed in strategic locations, it maximises visibility and encourages sign-ups.
  • Social Media Graphics Pack: Engaging graphics tailored for various social media platforms. These assets are designed to increase online presence and interaction, crucial for reaching the tech-savvy youth.
  • Email Banner: A stylish banner for email communications to enhance brand presence. It ensures that even digital correspondences reflect the programme’s vibrant identity.

By weaving together these elements, we created a visual identity that resonates with young creatives, encouraging them to explore and embrace their artistic potential.


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