Bankhall Subbuteo Direct Mail

A piece of direct mail designed to bring in fresh prospects for the sales team at Bankhall. The majority of those in the target demographic were middle-aged men in their 40s and 50s. We had the feeling that the Subbuteo figure would be well received, memorable, and give the recipient a sense of nostalgia if they were the lucky recipient. The base that the figure was stored on was made of a stock or card that had a texture very similar to the one of the original felt playing mat. In addition, the box contained a leaflet that provided an overview of the advantages of becoming a member of Bankhall.

After the box had been delivered to the prospects for a period of two weeks, a follow-up yellow card and then a red card were sent out for a period of two weeks respectively. Continuing with the idea of football.

BankHall Subbuteo direct mail
BankHall Subbuteo direct mail
BankHall Subbuteo direct mail
BankHall Subbuteo direct mail
BankHall Subbuteo

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