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Shine is a confidence consultancy for women.

The Shine brand is about inclusiveness, providing support for all women, and this informed Reform Creative’s approach to branding and website design.

The challenge was to find a colour scheme and overall look which would reflect a certain neutrality, but also emphasise openness and be visually striking.

The result has been to create a brand that has a clear message but does not draw on traditionally ‘feminine’ visual images, colours or typography.

This brand development has been carried through the design of the Shine website, creating something that has immediate visual impact and is easy for visitors to navigate their way around.

Beyond the website, however, Shine is a whole brand identity, and consequently, Reform Creative has produced a full set of brand guidelines to accompany its branding approach.

The complete brand package includes business cards, leaflets, a corporate folder, e-newsletter template and email signatures.

Because Shine is about helping women build their confidence, the tangible, printed element of the brand has to work as effectively as its digital counterpart.

As a go-to confidence consultancy for women, Shine offers stand-alone services and combined packages, and also runs events such as workshops, discussions, talks and demonstrations.

Shine is about engaging with women in the real world, and its various brand elements are designed to support this.

Visit the website:

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