Do you know your LOL from your OMG. These terms are well known but what is trending right now? Thanks to here are the top 10 most popular look ups today.

  1. VATO – “Dude (Mexican)”
  2. ONNA – “Oh No, Not Again”
  3. IMMD – “It Made My Day”
  4. TATA – “Goodbye”
  5. GOML – “Get On My Level”
  6. BIO – “Biological (toilet) break”
  7. WUWU – “What’s Up With You?”
  8. MANKY – “Nasty, dirty”
  9. DSP – “Digital Signal Processing”
  10. LXG – “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

Have some fun on your social networks with these today and see how many of your friends know the meaning.

We would be interested in hearing what is your most used internet slang acronym?

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