Logo and Leaflet Design

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Welcome to Reform an award winning agency for design and marketing. We have a proven track record and earned a reputation for producing thought provoking, result driven campaigns. Awards include D&AD, Fresh Awards, New York Festivals, Webby Honouree and No.1 for Client Satisfaction amongst others. Our main goal it to meet your business objectives buy doing our research and getting you the desired results.

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Logo Design


Logos are signs, marks of identity designed for easy recognition. They are used by every kind of organisation in every part of the world, from international corporations to charities and from political parties to community groups and schools. Logos also identify individual products and services.

Logos are usually one small part of a far bigger identity landscape, which can include a new name and slogan, the development of a ‘brand architecture’ and numerous applications of a corporate visual system and verbal ‘tone of voice’. However, the fact remains that the logo is the focal point of any identity system and the key to its acceptance. Logo design is generally seen as the quintessential graphic designers art.

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Leaflet Design


Leaflets come in all types of shapes and sizes and find themselves competing for space in the leaflet rack, on the door mat or falling out of the local newspaper. There are a few things to bear in mind when designing a leaflet so that it has maximum effect.

1. Make sure you have a clear call to action such as ‘follow us on FaceBook’ or ‘call to make your booking today’.

2. If it is appearing in a leaflet rack to make sure the size fits in the rack and that the important information is at the top and visible.

3. That the design is engaging and speaks to the target audience in the correct tone of voice. This is essential or you will find that your leaflet will be ignored.

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Awards include D&AD, The Webby Awards, Fresh and New York Festivals along with the Client Satisfaction award by Drum Magazine.
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