?If in doubt reverse it out? is a saying used in the creative sector, but what does it mean? Some designers prefer content that is on a coloured background or reversed out of an image with the text in a lighter colour or white; however, some get it wrong.

Using a lighter text colour can make the page ?more interesting? or ?punchy? when done correctly, but legibility needs to be at the forefront of
any designer?s mind; if the communication can?t be easily read, then you are in danger of losing your audience.

A few guidelines when reversing text out of colour:

  • Use high-contrast colours ? pink out of orange would not work, but whiteout of navy works well.
  • Heavy font weight ? when working on a design that has a white backgroundwith text you are free to use any font weight; however, when thereare colour panels with text reversed out, make sure the text within thecoloured panels is a heavier font weight.


  • Avoid small text if possible, or at least keep it to a minimum
  • Avoid thin font weights
  • Add more inter-character spacing than you would normally do. The characters shouldn?t touch, and there should be plenty of breathing space around letters
  • If reversing text out of an image, make sure you place your text carefully in a clear area


Happy reversing people!

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