2016 is set to become the Year of Video Marketing, as a Creative Agency in Manchester, we are seeing more and more businesses trying to find new and inventive ways to reach customers using the power of video. Nowadays, video is such a popular medium, as it can help to give the viewer (your customer) a quick overview of your product or service without overwhelming them with text – and they are also highly effective on social media platforms. Recent research has shown that on average 68% of people will share a video they have watched on Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, creating a short visually-appealing video that lasts 30 seconds or less, is a great way to give a customer the information they need about your business in a way that is easy for them to share.

Technology is constantly developing and advancing, so there are many ways for your Video Marketing Company in Manchester to create a unique, fun and informative video, tailored to your wants and requirements. However, it is really important that you have an online video marketing strategy in order to maximise your reach. So, here are the things that the Reform Creative Agency in Manchester think are essential to include in your online video marketing strategy:

Content Plan
Your video publishing schedule should be run in a similar way to your social media schedule – to ensure you are posting consistently. Don’t just post one video randomly and expect it to get a huge reaction, you need to think of it as part of a campaign that will take place over several weeks. You and your video marketing company in Manchester will need to devise a strategy to ensure that each of your individual posts correlate to create a story on a larger scale and over a longer period.

Once you have decided upon your video content, you then need to set up a plan of action which plots out when the videos will be published – timing them evenly in the lead up to a product launch or big event. Then you need to think about what other video campaigns you can run in the future in order to keep your brand fresh in the customer?s minds.

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Video Length
The explosion of the use of social media has seen a complete revolution in the way that people communicate with each other, with people now preferring short, concise statements over long pieces of content. Micro video apps, such as Vine, mean that videos can be shortened to less than 10 seconds, which makes them ideal for sharing on the majority of social media sites. Businesses can, therefore, use them to quickly and instantly send a message to a large audience, especially on sites like Facebook, where the video will automatically play as the user scrolls past.

Hints & Tips
People love to hear hints and tips. One way to cement yourself as an expert in your market is to share tutorials and tips relevant to your line of work. If you are a hairdresser, for example, you could offer hair styling tips, by contrast a Creative Agency could show people how to build their brand using the latest social media site. Offering things like this will make people want to learn more about your business and can also provide you with the potential to run a series of videos. Provided your tips are actually useful; you will find that customers will come back to watch the next video in the series.

Call to Action
A really important thing to remember, whatever content you post, is to put a call to action at the end. Customers may really enjoy watching your video, but if you don?t include a call to action they will have no idea of what to do at the end! A call to action doesn?t have to be complicated, it can be a discount code to use on your website or an offer in store for viewers who come in and mention the video. Just a few carefully chosen words at the end of the video can be the difference between gaining a conversion or not.


Online video marketing is a fantastic way for businesses to stand out from the crowd, and when used correctly can help you to reach new customers and turn them into loyal ones. For more information about how you can get the most from your video content or have Reform Creative perform an audit on your YouTube Channel then please call us on 0161 236 0054 or email us at hello@reformcreative.co.uk


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