Creating a remarkable brand that exemplifies your company’s values and increases consumer awareness, recognition, and trust is crucial if you want to make actual money and become a successful firm.

So much goes into developing your ideal brand, but the first step is identifying your trademark style and adhering to it.

Why is it essential to understand your brand’s style?

Every business should have a strong brand identity, and every employee should be aware of it.

Whether it’s marketing, sales, or customer service, there are several reasons why each department should be aware of your brand’s style and how to implement it.

Here are some of the most notable:

Avoid misconceptions

A fantastic strategy to minimise awkward encounters or misunderstanding between your company and its clients is to ensure that you and your whole crew are aware of your firm’s core messaging and values.

If your marketing staff promotes one message while your customer service team promotes another, your consumers may begin to feel confused or even misled.

You may guarantee that there are no misconceptions by developing a distinctive brand that permeates every part of the organisation. In turn, this helps you create consumer trust and makes you more memorable.

Maintain constancy

Once you have established a distinctive brand style, you must adhere to it. From television ads and billboards in city centres to your website, social media, and internal documents, ensure that your branding is consistent and up-to-date everywhere.

By recognising and understanding your brand, you can maintain consistency, which will assist to emphasise your company’s beliefs and objectives in all its actions. It also helps in establishing long-lasting connections with the appropriate consumers.

Become recognisable

Building a detectable branding style requires time and effort, but all recognisable businesses have one thing in common: they adhere to their brand statement. They are aware of their audience and tailor their messaging accordingly.

With a thorough understanding of your branding style, you can set yourself apart from the competition and become a recognisable brand that people turn to again.

Create brand ambassadors

If all your workers have a solid awareness of your branding style, core values, and key messaging, they might become unwitting corporate representatives.

Every one of your employees, from Patrick in IT to Sandra in Catering, will inevitably discuss your firm with friends, family, and even strangers on the Internet. If you equip them with the appropriate messaging, they may generate free word-of-mouth advertising.

How do you discover your brand’s distinctive style?

Now that you understand why it’s essential to have a distinctive branding style and promote it, how will you discover yours?

We propose following a few steps that will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the style that best reflects your firm.

Define your brand values

What makes your firm unique? Regardless of the nature of your company, it is probable that you will face competition in your field. So, what distinguishes yours?

Your company’s beliefs, purpose, objectives, and advantages all contribute to its success, and they should form the basis of your trademark branding style. By establishing them from the outset, you will be able to create a brand that accurately represents them.

Determine your intended market

If your branding fails to connect with your target audience, it will not result in the awareness and recognition we discussed previously.

Before deciding on your unique style, it is essential to do research and have a thorough understanding of your ideal consumer.

It’s possible that you conducted target market research before producing your product or service; thus, it’s time to take a second look. Once you have a clear understanding of your brand’s target audience, it will be easy to determine how it should seem.

Find your business’s voice

Obviously, branding style is not just about aesthetics. Finding your brand’s voice is crucial for maintaining consistency and staying on-message at all times.

From social media captions and blog posts to advertising campaigns and even the way your sales personnel talk, having a consistent and recognisable brand voice is a fantastic method for expanding your company and gaining clients’ confidence.

It might be as basic as a list of terms to use and avoid, or it could be a comprehensive set of editorial principles. In any case, establishing your voice is essential to discovering your own style.

Develop your visual resources

Once you’ve determined your values, your audience, and how you believe you should seem and sound, it’s time to create some images!

Your distinctive branding design will comprise your logo, colour scheme, typefaces, and photography, as well as your taglines and editorial voice. It will be present throughout the whole customer experience, from advertising and promotion to the storefront and workers to the carrier bag and receipt the consumer takes home.

Creating the visual assets is when the real fun begins, as you can begin to experiment with various company-specific design concepts.

Once your unique branding components have been selected, it is crucial to develop a set of brand standards that will regulate how your branding is used. This will go a long way toward assisting with our first objective – ensuring that everyone is aware of your trademark style and how to use it correctly.

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As you’ve already realised by now, determining your company’s distinctive branding style is a crucial step.

Over the last 17 years, Reform Creative has developed powerful branding ideas and strategies for hundreds of successful brands.

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