Design thinking is about providing a full service to our clients, beyond the ?look? of something. When we talk about influential design, it?s not simply about whether our peers, or the intended audience likes it; it?s about how design works as part of a business strategy, how it serves a set of business needs and helps realise business development objectives.

We Learn From You
Relationships with clients are the key to our success. Obviously getting a detailed brief is essential to the success of a design project, but what makes a real difference is seeing things from the client?s perspective.

The process should be empathic: as design professionals we recognise that for many of our clients the whole issue of design is outside their comfort zones; so we, in turn, have to step outside our own comfort zone and form an understanding of our clients? business needs.

From this viewpoint, we learn from our clients, we find out as much as we can about them, in order to be able to fulfil the brief. Design is not an aesthetic ideal unconnected to the real world: it is there to serve real needs and come up with practical solutions. Therefore design has to be influenced by the world around it, and by the demands of its clients and their businesses.

You Learn From Us (Hopefully)
A good relationship is a dialogue. We?re not here to instruct you, but we can offer expert guidance on how to make design work for you strategically. So just as we focus on your needs, we encourage you to focus on your customers and see how you can form your communications to meet their needs.

This, we believe, is how we can build your design strategy, so it aligns completely with your business aims and objectives.

We come across barriers, we all do. The thing is, a barrier shouldn?t be insurmountable, because conducting the right dialogue should provide the means to remove it, or get around it.

Sometimes we can answer your questions in ways you hadn?t previously thought of, and give you a fresh approach to communicating with your customers. It can take an outside perspective to help clarify certain issues and form new, bold directions towards achieving business goals.

Reform Creative is a Manchester-based creative design agency. We understand the influence design can have, but that much of its value comes from how it in turn is influenced by real business needs. Talk to us about it today.

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