As a busy creative agency based in Manchester, we deal with all sorts of creative projects from logo design, to leaflet design, right up to website design. But how do we ensure that our creative vision stays fresh and fun, and that we don?t run out of ideas? Here are some of the things we do on a daily basis, to ensure that our creative juices are always flowing:

angle iconLook At the World from a Different Angle
Exactly as it says! We take a few of the objects that we see every day, and look at them from a completely different perspective. For example, take a look at wall next to you right now ? look closely at the texture and the colour, is there anything attached to the wall? Memorise all the details you can and then sketch them and write down any ideas which come to mind. This is a great way to find inspiration in everyday things.



Tulip iconFocus on the Season
Spring is a great season to focus on as it symbolises the start of something new. Pick an element of nature which changes with the seasons, and focus on seeing the changes that they go through. It could be a flower or a tree outside your window. The point is to see what is happening to your chosen object day by day, and not the changes in whatever form is convenient to you. Sometimes we draw it, sometimes we write it, and occasionally we code it! Whatever floats your boat? Just concentrate on experiencing the feeling of refreshes, and translating it into your language.


New iconTry Something New
It?s the age old mantra isn?t it, step outside of your comfort zone and miracles may happen. Have you ever tried it though? Why not try something new and see where it lead you? If you are a graphic designer, for example, then how about sketching your designs with a different pen, or installing some new graphic software on your computer? Or if you are a photographer, try urban photography for a change. Or even do something vastly different by googling ?unusual things to do in my town??.you never know what might happen!


colours iconTake Note of Colours
Another great old saying is ?looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses?. So sometimes we do that! You can get cheap sunglasses with blue, red and yellow lenses and we pop them on for a while and look at our surroundings in a different light.

You can also access a wide range of apps that help to save any inspirational colour combinations you come across in the world around you. Palettes Lite on Apple lets you take pictures of colours you have seen, and then import them into colour palettes that you can sort, share or export.


refresh iconRefresh Your Surroundings
Don?t get stuck in a rut in your surroundings, refresh your workplace regularly and your creative juices should be re-inspired all the time. Hang a beautiful photo or print on the wall, buy a new mouse, invest in a stunning sketchbook, get a visually impressive mug for your tea?.whatever. Even the smallest change in your surroundings can refresh you.



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