Do you think of design as something that?s nice to have but, if push comes to shove, it?s not something you?re going to devote too much time and resources to? Many businesses simply see design as another expense, with a doubtful return on investment. But in fact, good design adds value to business; if understood and used correctly it can make a real difference to profits, turnover and growth.

Design Council Research
The Design Council conducted its own research into how design adds value to business. This research was based on a national survey and further, Added Value research. The Design Council?s research found that using design has bottom line benefits and gives companies a competitive edge.

One example cited from the results was that businesses that for every ?100 a design-aware business spent on design, it increased its turnover by ?225. The report also stated that in businesses where design was seen as integral, three quarters said they had increased their competitiveness and turnover through design.

Businesses that are growing rapidly are more likely to see design as fundamental to this growth; and businesses that add value by using design see a greater impact on their business performance than the rest.

Businesses that value design understand that it is key in the development of new products and services, and also in helping them achieve an increased market share, driving up their competitiveness and increasing their profits.

Can Good Design Make Your Business More Competitive?
Good design is a competitive investment: businesses need to win and retain customers and they can be up against fierce competition. There is a lot of noise out there and a multitude of competing messages.

Design brings clarity and engages with audiences. Good design helps businesses stand out from the noise with messages that intrigue, invite and are appealing.

Good design makes for more efficient business: it can help communications work more effectively and strategically; it can save money by aligning products and services, and launches of new lines with targeted communications.

To enhance and improve performance, design helps to bring form and function together. It enables businesses to merge ideas and initiatives together in coherent, effective campaigns.

Design is a professional process and an effective business tool. Its value-adding properties are not simply cosmetic, because it?s about absorbing human factors and emotional responses and turning them into workable forms of communication with a purpose.

You may have a great product or service, but it?s with the input of design that you can fully realise its potential.

Reform Creative believes absolutely in the potential of good design to transform businesses ideas into devastatingly effective strategies that will hone your competitive edge to a keen finish.


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