As you are probably aware, Google likes to keep digital marketers on their toes, by constantly updating their algorithms, changing the way they index their searches, and just generally refreshing everything.

In the past couple of years, there have been some major changes, and there are more to come, so we at Reform Creative SEO Company Manchester, have put together a brief review of what changes have happened and how it has affected search results.

Panda IconGoogle Panda
The Google Panda update was launched back in 2011, and was aimed at preventing sites with poor quality content from ranking highly in Googles search results. This update is sometimes refreshed by Google, which means that website which have previously lost ranking due to it, may actually be able to climb the rankings again if they have made the correct changes. However, the flip side to this is that Panda may catch out sites which have previously escaped, so you need to make sure that you are adding fresh quality content to your site at all times.


Penguin iconGoogle Penguin
Released back in April 2012, this update was aimed at catching sites which were spamming the search results ? particularly those who were buying links or obtaining them through link networks. Similarly to Panda, when this update is updated, sites may climb up the rankings again if they have taken action to remove the bad links, and sites which have previously escaped may get caught out.



pirateGoogles Pirate Update
The Pirate update which was released by Google back in August 2012, was actually a filter which was designed to prevent sites with a lot of copyright infringement reports from ranking highly. Similar to the last two updates, it is refreshed periodically and so sites which were originally affected can move back up the rankings and sites which have previously escaped penalties can get caught.



Hummingbird iconGoogle Hummingbird
This is the name of the search platform which Google launched back in 2013. They chose the name ?Hummingbird? as it represented something which was ?precise and fast?, and this best described their new focus on the meaning of words. Hummingbird meant that the search engines were now taking into account the whole search query ? be it a sentence, conversation or meaning ? rather than just focussing on words within the search query. This change was made to ensure that the pages that were shown to the searcher actually match the meaning rather than just relating to some of the words in the search term.


Unbrella IconGoogle Payday Update
A small update which was released in June 2013, and as the title says it was aimed at clearing out spammy queries from the search results, such as payday loans, and pornographic queries etc.




Pigeon iconGoogle Pigeon
Another bird themed update, Pigeon was released in the United States in July 2014. It was focussed on improving Google?s distance and location raking parameters by providing more relevant local search results.




Mobile iconMobilegeddon or the Mobile Friendly Update
Back in April of this year, Google launched its more mobile friendly algorithm which was specifically focussed on giving mobile-friendly pages a boost in Google?s mobile search results. This news had such an effect on people in the digital world, that it became known as ?Mobilegeddon?! As it turned out, most people were prepared for it, due to their SEO Company pre-warning them about it, and making sure their sites were mobile ready, so it didn?t have quite the dramatic effect that everyone feared!


This might seem a lot to take in, and more and more updates are happening all the time. Don?t worry about it thought, just contact Reform SEO Company Manchester and we can help you with all your SEO needs. Check out our website at or call us on 0161 236 0054.

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