Any good Digital Agency in Manchester will be able to tell you that up until now one of the most important factors of any website, according to Google, is the link profile. Google?s fact checker bots use the link profile of your website to assess both the quality of your site, and therefore its relevance in SERP?s (Search Engine Results Pages).

There a rumour is that Google might be in the process of restructuring how it indexes web pages ? again! They are said to have a team of researchers working on an algorithm that focuses more on the factual accuracy and relevance of the content on the site.

Google has made many algorithm changes in the past two years, and there has been a trend towards them placing more emphasis on context and relevance

In a recent post on the Business 2 Community Website, Chris Horton from Synecore states that Google are

??capitalizing on advances in machine learning to create a new classification system that would measure the objective factual accuracy of a webpage rather than its subjective reputation across the web.? And it does this by:

??count the number of incorrect facts throughout the page and use the results to assign a score, which the Google researchers are calling the Knowledge-Based Trust score.?

So how is Google checking whether the facts are correct or not? Well, apparently it has been collecting a large amount of data from all over the web ? approximately 1.6 billion pieces of data ? and this has been grouped together in what they are calling the ?Knowledge Vault?. The Knowledge Vault is a move on from Googles ?Knowledge Graph? which had a more limited data pull.

So, what is the concept behind the focus on the Knowledge Vault? Well, researchers at Google have found that systems such as Wikipedia have plateaued in the amount of correct information they are amassing, and so they felt a new system was needed in order to augment the existing knowledge base. It was also felt that as sites are now being assessed on the number of untrue facts they contain, that all facts should be checked across information found all over the internet.

row of old books

This move towards a more content based strategy should come as no surprise. As SEO and Digital Agency here in Manchester, we have been well aware of the move towards more focus on the quality of the content on the site, as well as the quality of links posted. As our existing clients will tell you, we have always take a ?Content is King? approach to SEO, so this shift by Google won?t have a massive effect on our clients, but it may mean that some other people have to rethink their SEO strategy.

The news hasn?t caused much of a ripple in the SEO world, as like us most Digital Agencies are not surprised by the news. However, there is some debate over whether Google are taking a step too far in wanting to control search. A focus on link profiling does include a lot of humanisation ? as sites and pages which fare well in this type of search will have been linked to and shared by many people. A focus on more fact based content may mean an acceptance that a centralised team of bots are interpreting content and deciding whether it appears in results or not, without taking into account the human signals such as links and shares.

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