Today in the online world, many marketing campaigns and website designs are heavily influenced by SEO and the evolution of technology. Therefore it can be very easy to forget that great design is actually very closely tied to emotion. As graphic designers in Manchester, Reform Creative have completed numerous corporate identity projects for many diverse businesses; we know that the most solid business identities out there draw very heavily on emotions. The best online experiences use specific intent to capture and express specific feelings. For example, many sports brands tend to focus on excitement, drama and determination, whereas banks tend to focus on optimism, friendliness, approachability and confidence.

Our emotional response to design from the way it looks to the experience it creates for us, is part maths, part physiology and part mystery ? yes even for us! So, as a company that offers Web Design in Manchester, what tips can we give you on how to use emotion as part of your approach to design?

Company Values
Think about your company and identify what values and emotional qualities you would like it to express e.g. pleasant, loveable, cheerful, entertaining, moving, soothing? – and use these qualities to influence your design choices.

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Your Target Market
Think about what emotions are driving your target market when they want to purchase your product or service ? are they negative emotions such as frustration or fear, or positive emotions such as curiosity or anticipation? Then think about what emotion a customer will feel when you satisfy their wants and needs.

What makes your business different to all the other thousands of businesses that sell the same products or services, is YOU! Draw inspiration from the connection that you have with your existing customers and use the qualities that they admire in you to influence your design choices.

But remember that all three of these approaches are intertwined, so utilise all three of them to inform your design decisions. Using only one or two won?t have the same impact, and may come across as emotional manipulation ? which you definitely don?t want to be associated with.

As a web design agency in Manchester which works with many different businesses, we have found that the most important first step when thinking about any design work, is to know your target customer.? The more you know about your existing and potential customers, the more you will realise that they have emotions that cannot be captured just with the use of one single word. So, don?t stop at frustrated, fearful, curious and anticipating but dig deep and get specific. The more detailed and specific you can be at this stage the more effective your communication and the deeper the connection with your customers will be.

Reform Creative Website Developers Manchester offer a skill set that is based on technical, marketing and business intelligence and everything we do is influenced by our emotional intelligence as well. For more information about our wed design, corporate identity and digital marketing services please call us on 0161 236 0054 or drop us an email at


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