Design is all about problem-solving, in a creative way. Design adds value to business and it’s a crucial part of establishing a brand. One problem businesses encounter with designers, however, is knowing how to choose one who will meet their requirements.

Top of the Pops?
It’s true that design is a service, like numerous other services out there. But design is all about finding creative solutions and applying them to the specific context in which they’ve been commissioned. In other words, there?s no one size fits all when it comes to design, designers and design agencies.

So, simply going off search results online will not necessarily yield the best designer for your requirements. We’re all aware of the power of Google and the importance of being ranked highly in its listings. But whereas this will get you noticed, it’s not a guarantor of your appropriateness for a specific task. Things are muddied further by the whole pay-per-click online advertising culture. In other words, good SEO and deep pockets don?t automatically equate to design excellence.

Think of it like this: there are scores of influential musicians, some of them household names, who never had a top ten record.

Trust Me, I’m a Designer
Good design isn’t just about the work by any means, it’s about relationships. It’s no use employing the services of a renowned creative genius if you simply can’t get on with them. The designer has to care about the work, but most importantly, they have to care about you.

The best designers and design agencies build up a relationship with their clients based on trust. The designer is helping you communicate to the outside world, so it’s important that nothing gets lost in translation. Trust will ensure this. A designer should listen to you before taking any action.

Successful design for business comes from listening and gaining a proper understanding of what the client needs in order to fulfil their business aims.

Like a Ship Without a Sail
Design without a strategy behind it won’t be doing the right job for you. Effective design is a tool. It’s more than just an enhancement: it can re-shape businesses, help them grow and reach their intended markets. It does this by being employed strategically.

The designer you choose should be able present their work as part of an overall communications strategy. A good designer will help you find new ways of reaching your intended audience by looking at the bigger picture and how your communications can work with dynamic design elements.

Reform and Inspire
We understand how inspiration works in the service of? exceptional marketing communications. We’re much, much more than a ranking on a search engine page. Our benchmark of excellence is the service we provide and the relationships we form with our clients. We have a business head and a creative heart.

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