Video engages in ways that other online forms of communication do not. It satisfies people’s entertainment and information needs with an instant hit, and all indications are that it’s set to keep growing in popularity.

The prediction is that video will account for nearly 70% of all consumer internet traffic this year, which makes it something that businesses cannot ignore if they want to build an online presence.

But what are the things you should consider when using video marketing?


The Emotional Charge

You’ve got to get your audience’s attention and you’ve got around 10 seconds to do it ? online video is a highly competitive medium because while there?s a huge number of potential viewers, their attention spans are short.

Online videos should be short, sharp and sweet – you can make memorable impressions with video in a couple of minutes at most. Time is a valuable commodity for most people and they don’t want to hang around for information. Video is ideally placed to fulfil this need.

You can be persuasive with video, because you can spark an emotional charge in your audience. Every cue we pick up goes to our brains and video can combine images, music, body language, facial expressions and overall tone to make us feel something.

Recent surveys suggest that conversion rates for video are significantly higher than for other forms of content, because video has such a direct appeal.


What to Watch For

With growing audiences and a choice of platforms, the temptation is to see video as a quick fix, but as with other forms of marketing, it requires a well-thought out strategic approach, and a credible delivery.

Look at it from the opposite perspective: a poorly delivered video may have a detrimental effect on your business.

Think about length. The shorter your video, the more likely it is to get shared through social media channels. But while having your video go viral is highly desirable, creating it specifically to do so is much harder.

The clue is in the name, viral. This is not something you can control. What you can do is ensure that you craft a powerful video that meets your marketing objectives and is designed to engage with your target audience.

Avoid the hard sell and focus instead on building a relationship with your audience. Think about how you can intrigue people through a sequence of videos, from the teaser to the big reveal.

Don’t over-stuff your video with facts and figures. Strip your message back to the essentials and ensure that the delivery is spot on. What tone of voice does your brand have? This needs to come out in your video. And your images and soundtrack need to harmonise, so that it all fits together succinctly.

Remember the key marketing rule of benefits before features and focus on storytelling rather than product or service details.

Because you’re looking for online hits, you must ensure that the title of your video and its SEO will work to get it noticed. Make sure you’ve got a title that will grab people’s attention and that your tags are all present and correct.

Reform is a Manchester-based creative agency and we understand how to harness the power of video marketing. Whether it’s getting you up and running, or auditing your existing YouTube channel to improve its impact, we’re here to help.

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