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Reform’s Born Campaign Turns Heads

About this project

Self-esteem is about the freedom to express yourself without fear. Design Agency Reform Creative has created a visually arresting campaign to promote the Born beauty brand’s theatrical and drag makeup service.

Trans identity and gender fluidity are as much human rights issues as they are about self-realisation. “With statistics constantly reinforcing a media concept of trans people as society’s hidden victims, we wanted to present a campaign that was positive and assertive,” Reform’s Paul Heaton explains.

Reform Creative’s adverts will be run in print, across social media and via email. The strapline is “Turning heads, changing minds.”

“People have the right to be themselves,” states Born’s Style Director, Grace Oni Smith. “and the right to express themselves through the persona they create. At Born we strongly believe in the transformative power of makeup. Reform’s advertising captures this perfectly and succinctly.”


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Born is a pioneering full-service consultancy that is run by transgender people for transgender people and anyone on the trans spectrum. It offers a range of services designed to give people the necessary resources to live a confident life inhabiting, and exhibiting, the person they aspire to be.

“We’re a confidence consultancy,” Grace explains, “because confidence in yourself is the key to boosting your self-esteem.”

There are no boundaries to this self-expression, hence the bold flamboyance captured in Reform’s striking campaign. Whether it’s the theatrical and drag-centred look expressed here, voice coaching, or makeup training, the Born team will provide suitable professional guidance and support.

“The old cliché is that beauty is skin-deep,” Paul Heaton remarks, “but in fact how you express yourself outwardly can massively impact on your quality of life. If you feel trapped and unable to show who you feel you actually are, you can end up feeling very isolated and alienated.”

Reform’s advertising campaign for Born aims to help trans people assert themselves by giving them access to the right resources to help build their confidence and self-esteem.

“Everyone’s welcome at Born,” Grace says, “whether you’re trans, cis or gender fluid. We’re here to help.”

Makeup and styling by Grace Oni Smith. Photography by Rudy and Razz.


Date Published

26th April 2016


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